Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Claire Sinclair - in Vintage photos

What new projects are in store for Claire Sinclair in the upcoming year?

This year I’ll be doing a lot of events to promote the new line “Beach Bash” which features adorable 1950s style beachwear . The designer of all the Bettie Page clothing, Tatyana, is also currently working on the “Elvgren” line soon to be released. Tatyana’s designs for this line will be taken directly from the outfits featured on some of Gil Elvgren’s famous 1940s and 1950s PInups. I’ll also be guest starring in Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas again in April! I couldn’t be more happy about that. Also I’m currently filming this season’s Holly’s World on E!

The beautiful Playmate and model Claire Sinclair fills us in on her latest projects with frockOn’s Angela Samartano.

How did you first decide to pursue modeling? Although you are only 19 years old, was this always a passion of yours?

There wasn’t a time in my life where I didn’t want to model. I tried to get signed with an agency when I was 14 to no avail. There was a 5’10 height requirement for most of them. I noticed the websites that a couple of the agents were using to book girls on jobs while I was in meeting with them, and when they declined taking me on, I went home, got on those websites and started acting as my own agent. My mom started helping too and would submit me for tons of stuff. By 15 I was working all the time. I became enthralled with the classic pinup image, and started to realize that I could emulate them with the right hair and makeup. I landed almost every go see/ audition that had to do with anything vintage. I found my niche.

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