Friday, April 6, 2012

Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwiches tablet under $100 US

Do you want to have a powerful tablet with Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwiches with price under $100 usd like the Prime Transformer owned by ASUS? here we have a good news.

Is a Californian company called MIPS Technology who launched the tablet with Android OS Sandiwich Ice Cream, and more good news, the tablet is sold at a price not less than 100 USD. Processor itself is made ​​from Chinese XBurst Ingenic Semiconductor, with the code JZ4770.

The company said that now they have launched the tablet for the Japan region. Not rule out the possibility they will also release this tablet elsewhere. Hopefully Indonesia as one of them.

Tablets Ice Cream Sandwiches from MIPS is equipped with a 7 inch screen and uses a MIPS-based processor XBurst GHz (whether it is a dual core processor or single core). Besides these tablets will also be equipped with 3D graphics features Vivante GPU thanks to the GC860 is also support for playing video quality of 1080p.

In addition, reported by Slashgear, the MIPS also plans to launch a tablet with a screen 8 inches and 9 inches. The tablets will also be equipped with WiFi and HDMI 1.3 features in conjunction with a USB and a microSD slot.

Andy Rubin "Android" from Google delighted with this tablet because of made a record under 100 USD with a decent performance for running Android 4.0 or latest.

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