Friday, April 13, 2012

Instagram at Android Now

Photo Sharing application, Instagram is now ready for android Os and able to download on playmarket.

Instagram keep look simple on Android Os. You can use to open the application, then sign up to get started. You could then upload photos, both taken from the camera feature on your Android device or from gallery.

Just like in IOS, after which you can share the photos on Instagram to your social networking, whether it's Twitter or Facebook. Thus results in Instagram photo could be linked to social networking.

On the Apple devices, capture success Instagram users, so it was named the "App of the Year" last year. Instagram has exceeded a user base of 27 million users in a matter of one and a half years since its launch in 2010.

However, the founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, said it was ready to raise the level of social photo next application. In an interview with Sarah Lacy at the West Ignition, Systrom revealed that the amount of 27 million users is not enough to Instagram.

"This is far from the scale you need to create a large mass of business," he said, as quoted from Digitaltrends.

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