Saturday, April 21, 2012

Virtual Piano Play Piano Without Piano With Wrist

Are you an junior pianis, or have a hobbies to play piano ? here the new device from japan, Japanese Wrist Mounted Finger piano-Play Piano Without Piano, is an virtual piano that we can play anywhere, anytime.

This virtual piano uses a special sensor in the form of small gloves on all the fingers are connected with the device player on your wrist.

Players can move the fingers and the sounds of certain notes by tapping on a hard surface like a table or the other. Each finger is capable of playing different music notation and there are three additional buttons at the wrist unit worn on the wrist player.

This tool has a very simple design but has the ability to play a full octave of music notation. The device has a diameter wrist (bracelet) by 2.5 inches and a thickness of 0.75 inches.

Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano has three levels and three levels of sound volume sounds banks. Sound Bank With this, players can play music with a choice of which voice, piano, bells, and a cat. The device is a virtual instrument using 3 x LR44 battdry, priced at USD39.99. Fell Hard to play piano ? then you can read Michael Aaron piano technic and course here.

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