Sunday, April 8, 2012

Super Stylish 3D Glasses Released by LG

If you wear 3D glasses, then you will look "somewhat" strange because the average 3D glasses on special design, unlike most glasses. That's what inspired LG to make some new 3D glasses that are expected will not make you ashamed if seen wearing it.

You can see the picture above, from left to right, there is a clip-on sunglasses F320, Alain Mikli eyewear design results F360, and F310 curved glasses with frames.

Prices for the three LG 3D glasses is not yet known, but LG said third light and comfortable thanks to the patterned retarder film technology (FPR) is used. Like all FPR glasses, you can bring these glasses to a movie that uses the RealD 3D.

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