Friday, April 6, 2012

Sharp SH-04 D : Candies Chocolate Cell Phone for Valentine gift

To welcome valentine day some mobile phones and electronic equipment vendors began competing to make the devices were deemed fit to be present on the day of love. Having previously existing-Bi Fu that makes Chocolate Scented headphones, a headphone with a chocolate flavor, NTT DoCoMo is now working with Sharp to launch a mobile full of chocolate.

The Sharp SH-04D Phone specials to celebrate Valentine's day. this phone has a 3-dimensional block of melted chocolate on the back side, and a special skin that gives the illusion as if existing's chocolate melted on the screen.

Sharp SH-04d chocolate phone has been equipped with 8 MP camera, using the screen-resolution 3.7-inch QHD (960 × 540 pixels), and has a thickness of 12.3 mm. This phone is planned to be launched right on Valentine's Day February 14 later on as many as 50 thousand units.

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