Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to Found Your Missing Laptop

Are you lost your laptop because stolen or lagged in a places? don worry now you able to tracking your missing laptop. let me show you the way.

My friends have experienced loss of his laptop and I see how he were very sorry to leave the laptop unattended. You also worry about your laptop is lost? The solution, make sure you have installed open source application that was named Prey or adeona.

Prey and adeona aplication is a free software that works to find the location and perform tracking your lost laptop. tracking lost laptop software available for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Android. So this software will also find the missing tablets or mobile phones when using the Android operating system. watch the video bellow.

The free Applications to found the missing laptop will collect information laptop lost by tracking the location of the laptop, laptop hardware and network status and option, you can do the locking of your missing laptop remotely. perfect free aplication,right ?

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