Friday, April 20, 2012

Replace Your Car Dashboard Head Unit With iPhone

Want to change the look of your car dashboard with a more sporty look? maybe this is a great gadget for your option. By using Dash Devium you can replace your car headunit with iPhone.

Its easy, the headunit there are as docking slot that can be used to put your iPhone. So you can control all the music, the sound directly from the iPhone.

Devium Dash will personally connected your iPhone to the car sound speakers . The head unit 2-DIN form that does not exist any interface, use the iPhone screen itself as interfaces.

Once installed on your iPhone Devium Dash, you have complete control of your iPhone as iTunes, streaming media and others. There was also support for Pandora and Netflix hands-free Bluetooth calling, turn-by-turn navigation apps and Siri offcourse.

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