Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WristPC | mini computer like a watches on your hands

Currently, many developing computers that offer mobility, and the finally someone makes notebooks, tablets, and netbooks that in fact is more concise and easy to carry everywhere.

But if ever think to bring a gadget is like wearing a watch? Now it can be done. Currently there is a mini computer called WristPC. This computer can be used as wearing a watch, simply looped around the hand.

This mini computer has a 3.5-inch screen and comes with a small keyboard. This computer can be used like computers in general, good to surf even to send SMS. Even more impressive, this computer has a wireless earpieces that can be used when the make a call. In addition, this tool can also serve as a GPS.

Complete a small-sized gadget that has a pretty good ability, easy to carry anywhere anyway. But this mini computer is still a concept design of the work of Saharudin Busri, Najm al-Din Mohd Nizam Mohd Mohd Tahar Rohaizam, and Nuzairi Yasin. there is no information when this amazing gadget will produce for market.

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