Saturday, April 7, 2012

Angry Birds Celebrate Valentine's day 2012 on facebook

Its looks like Facebook users will increasingly use this social networking. because Facebook welcome soon one of the most popular games today, Angry Birds.

Rovio is planning to launch a game character, the bird is on Facebook next month. The characters are ill-tempered birds, reportedly going to come right on February 14, commonly known as Valentine's Day.

Reported by Yahoo News, Friday (27/01/2012), with a presence in Facebook, this game will take advantage of the full-screen capability with high animation. In addition, there are several new power-ups that can be purchased, or obtained through the game.

In addition to Facebook, in this report also explained by Rovio that Angry Birds plan would make permanent part of every Samsung Smart TV. This is done because then, in the end could make the game run smoothly on all platforms.

Angry Birds do seem more brilliant. Even preached in November, less than two years after its release, the game made ​​by Rovio has been downloaded 500 million times. After its first appearance through Apple's App Store in 2009 for the IOS device, now Angry Birds have had a global power with the available on Android, Windows 7 Phone, Symbian and the Mac App platform.

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