Friday, April 6, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800

Bad news coming from Nokia Smartphone, Lumia 800. Reportedly Smartphone Nokia that has not been marketed as a whole to the whole world has a serious problem in the battery, battery life Nokia Lumia 800 is shorter than the specifications given by the Nokia.

Parties to Nokia said that the flaw in the battery does not overwrite all Smartphone Nokia Lumia 800, but Nokia also does not seem to be looking for excuses as to say that the problem Lumia battery 800 is derived from the 'bug' in its firmware, which limits the ability of phones to reach capacity maximum battery.

The case was first stuck out among the users of Smartphone Lumia 800, Some of them reported a defect in the battery life Lumin 800. Parties to Nokia immediately responded to the report by stating that the problem is not due to an interruption in the software but only caused by the behavior of users, while wearing them.

When you are already have a Nokia Smartphone Lumia 800 and worry about whether their battery is among categories of problematic or not, there is an easy way to find out, and only had to charge the phone battery Nokia Lumia 800 to full condition. Then, access the service menu dial # # 634 #. Go to the menu "Battery Status", then check the battery capacity. If less than 1000 mAh then Lumia 800 is problematic.

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