Monday, April 2, 2012

Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill and EXP + + Cheat

The latest of Ninja Saga series is 1 Hit Kill and EXP + +. I hope you know and I'll tell you how to use a cheat or a way of cheating to playing Ninja Saga.

Cheat Ninja Saga 1 Hit Kill
  • Open your Facebook account.
  • Log into the game Ninja Saga on your account.
  • Look for any enemy.
  • Open Cheat Engine version of whatever you have.
  • Select the existing computer images, search the web browser you use icon and press Open.
  • In the Value Type, select the "Array of Bytes" and also tick "Also scan read-only memory".
  • In the HEX column fill "89065E5BC208003B7B54", without quotes.
  • After that press "First Scan" and will appear 1 address.
  • Right-click the address and select "Disassemble", a new window will appear called "Memory Vierwer".
  • On the choice of "mov [esi], eax" select "Toggle Breakpoint" will show the option YES or NO. Press YES then a new column appeared, aja close column.
  • After number 10. Ninja Saga back to you, choose whatever jutsu had a normal attack and do damage.
  • Well then your browser will Heng / ERROR.
  • Never fear, a sign that this cheat works.
  • Go back to your Cheat Engine and the Debug menu, select RUN.
  • After that in the Registers (column at right), the EAX option 000XXXX (the numbers - the numbers behind the EAX), click 1x and input 0. Then enter.
  • After that close the window "Memory Viewer" in Cheat Engine.
  • Back to Ninja Saga, the enemy is dead.

Cheat Ninja Saga EXP + +
  • Select BOS monsters.
  • Select Attack.
  • This method uses the way a HIT KILL.
  • After BOSS die, do not forget to share, then we all start menu Ninja Saga again.
  • FB PROFILE Press.
  • Then tap the picture you have in post share your ninja.
  • Once inside, and play, CHECK, EXP increases again.
  • Eg flat against 3 BOSS ² EXP 16.000, after the return to profile and then back again to the Ninja Saga, you'll get 16,000 EXP anymore.

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