Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ematic Esport Clip | Portable Media Player with 4GB internal memory

If you are the person with traveling hobby and need a portable media player that has a battery life is quite tough, so Ematic Esport Clip might be your options.

Ematic Esport Clip 4GB Portable Media Player which claimed to have a long battery life is officially released today. Ematic Esport Clip equipped with 1.8-inch wide screen to play videos, view pictures or even read eBooks and other text files. (

Another feature is the ability to play music with clear sound, portable Media Player has also been equipped with a digital camera with a resolution of 5MP built in camera to take a photo or video.

USB 2.0 port Available for connecting Ematic Esport Clip with computers or tablet. Internal memory up to 4GB. Ematic Esport Clip is available Now at a price of $22.00 up to $55 USD, depending of the features and size. see the details here.

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